English for Kids Course

English language course for kids

The understanding of the English language has become necessary to get admission to prestigious colleges and universities. Comprehension of the English language at an early age will help your kid to progress in his studies and career without any hurdle. This course is designed to create an understanding of the English language for kids of age between 6-15.  Learning the English language as a second language is quite challenging, but don’t worry our experienced tutors are ready to accept that challenge.

Course objective

We welcome children of all races to learn the English language from beginner level and by the completion of every level, they will be able to have at least 500 more words in their vocabulary.

Course outcomes

This course will help children of all ages to :

  • Be fluent in English speaking with increased vocabulary and phrases
  • Improve understanding of English reading and writing
  • Understand English grammar for a better sentence structure.


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