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With the advancement in both technology and lifestyle, Stantford Academy brings the latest academic and learning skills and provides its users a platform to connect with world-class English language experts.

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Course Instructors

Meet Our World-class Instructors
Learn directly from the world’s leading experts on the topics they know best.

Sofia Johnson

Hi,’ there! I am Sofia Johnson, an expert English teacher at StantFord Academy. I have done my Master's in English language and literature. I have joined my virtual English language teaching in 2015. I make my students pro- in English communication. Let’s get started.

Stacey Williams

Hello everyone! I am Stacey Williams, TOEFL certified English teacher from Oxford University. I love to teach English literature and Shakespear is my favorite genre. Join my class now.

Jack Wilson

Hi everyone. My name is Jack Wilson, TESOL certified English instructor. I have done my Masters in Education from Southern Wesleyan University. I have seven years of experience in virtual teaching. Let's start our journey together.

Diana Davis

I am Diana Davis, an English language mentor with five years of experience at Stantford Academy. I have taught students from all over the world. I like to encourage students to grasp the English language like a native speaker.

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